The comfort of a hospitality tray

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The comfort of a hospitality tray

A wonderful upgrade for your hotel rooms or other guest accommodations; a new way to present the coffee and tea making facilities for your guest. What choices do you have and what is useful to keep in mind during the selection process? In this blog we tell you all about it.

What is a hospitality tray and what is it used for?

A hospitality tray helps you with a neat presentation of the coffee and tea making facilities in the hotel room. With the help of a kettle and/or espresso machine on this tray, the guest can make a hot drink. A hospitality tray looks neat and tidy and in many cases protects the electrical equipment on it against theft.

Types of trays

There are various types of trays that can function as hospitality trays. The most famous version is the hospitality tray with a recess for the kettle and on which the device, with dedicated space for the cups and accessories, is presented. Over the years, there has been considerable innovation in the field of trays and there are new variants  with drawers, drip trays and slide-on modules. It is advisable to purchase a complementary kettle with these trays, so that the dimensions of the recess and kettle match seamlessly.

A freestanding tray without fixed recesses is increasingly on the rise. There can be extensive variation with products that are presented on the tray because there is no dependence on recesses or fixed dimensions. This gives a freer interpretation of the presentation and layout on the tray. What is also increasingly being used for this is an artificial leather mat. Think of a luxury desk pad whose main function is to protect the furniture and in this case to create a plateau for the beverage facilities.

What material choice is there?

Hospitality trays are available in various materials. The most common materials are listed and explained below.

  • A wooden tray is one of the most common materials for a hospitality tray, but keep in mind that there are many types of wood. Think, for example, of (solid) oak, veneer or plywood. The properties per type of wood are unique, so there are many differences between the trays in various wood versions.
  • Aluminum is particularly durable and elegant. Our new model HS011602 has a leather insert and is therefore perfectly suitable for the presentation of coffee and tea making facilities. The leather insert is made of 100% recycled material from cutting waste from the furniture industry, here you will find more information. Both the leather insert and the aluminum tray are available in various finishes.
  • Have you ever seen a bamboo tray? This is naturally degradable and therefore less environmentally polluting than, for example, hardwood or oak. Bamboo has a long lifespan, is hard, wear-resistant and durable.
  • Another option is plastic ABS, which is dimensionally stable, sturdy and hard, yet light. It has a long service life and a high resistance to chemicals. The latter is particularly useful for the housekeeping and maintenance of the tray. ABS trays are available in various variants and sizes, for example our budget-friendly tray suitable for a kettle and espresso machine: HS013103.
  • Artificial leather (also called PU leather, imitation leather or faux leather) is also an increasingly common material used for hospitality trays. It exudes the luxury of leather, but is animal-friendly and easier to maintain. This makes it easy to take and less vulnerable to circles. However, artificial leather is more sensitive to wear than real leather. New in our range are the artificial leather hospitality trays with drawer below, available in dark brown and sand colour. Also discover our practical sachet holders and accessories.

Step-by-step plan for purchase

First determine what you wish to present on the tray and where you have the space to place a tray. Next, it is important to determine what kind of kettle you want to use. For example, is this a kettle that you already have or do you want to purchase a matching model. Some trays have a recess for the kettle and it is important that the heating element of the kettle fits in it (see picture). In addition, it is important to determine a budget and see what is available in it. What materials are available and what do you prefer? Finally, it is important to clarify which other criteria the tray must meet or what is an advantage, for example the color and presence of a drawer or drip tray.

Some final tips and tricks

Below are a few final tips to keep in mind when exploring options and selecting potential hospitality trays for your property:

Some hospitality trays are equipped with a cord guide. This is one or more notches in the tray where the cord of the kettle fits neatly, so that it has the shortest way to the socket. This only applies to the trays that do not have an integrated heating element in the tray for the kettle.
The trays will be placed on a piece of furniture that you do not want it to scratch. When purchasing, keep in mind that the bottom of the tray is fitted with protective caps. These are often also referred to as anti-slip caps or furniture protection glides.
The material melamine is often dishwasher safe on a program that is not too hot. If you have a tray or accessory holder with recesses, it can be nice to have the trays thoroughly cleaned once using the dishwasher. However, always check this in advance through the specifications.
Some hospitality trays have an anti-theft feature. The heating element of the kettle is attached to the tray. Read more about this in our blog ‘Anti-theft hotel room articles’.

Are you already well on your way, but do you need personal advice and someone who thinks along with you? We like to do that! Contact us on 085-0210900 or by e-mail

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