The who, what, when and where on water kettles

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The who, what, when and where on water kettles

Before purchasing a new kettle for your hotel or other guest accommodation, you can endlessly browse the internet to find the right model. Which kettle suits your accommodation and guest type? In this blog the options and specifications are listed to help you on your search fort he right kettle.

Before you start the search, it is important to narrow down a few things. The pictures below show that at first glance there are already obvious product differences such as; style, material, size and brand. In addition, there are important aspects that cannot be seen, for example the wattage, certification(s) and its footprint.

A kettle consists of two parts; the jug and the heating element with the cord and socket plug.


Kettles are available in various sizes with a capacity from 0.5L to 1.7L. It is best to match the content of the kettle to the room capacity . For example: for a double room, a kettle with a capacity of 0.5L is sufficient and two drinks can easily be served. However in the case of a quadruple room, we recommend a kettle with a larger volume, so that your guest does not have to fill and boil the kettle several times.

Sustainable choice

Sustainable options have been gaining popularity for several years. In general kettles with a smaller capacity (0.5L or 0.6L) are a more sustainable option as electricity and water consumption are lower and only the required water quantity is boiled instead of filling up the kettle and throwing away the ‘unused’ water.

A kettle with a flat / integrated heating element may be categorized as sustainable option as it can boil the smallest amount of water, where a heating spiral needs to be completely filled with water for it to work. A kettle with flat heating element is also easier to clean.


Another important factor when choosing a kettle is the wattage. Wattage indicates how much energy is converted per second. In the case of kettles, the wattage ranges from 1100 to 2400 watts. The wattage of the kettle indicates how fast the water boils, the higher the wattage the faster the water heats up.

A rough indication shows that a full kettle with 1000 watts (so a low power) of 0.8L needs about four minutes. A high power boils the water faster and consumes more wattage in a short time. A low power boils the water more slowly and consumes less wattage for a longer period of time.

Other features to consider when choosing a kettle are the following:

  • The water with which the kettle is filled often contains lime, which is why it is useful to choose a kettle with an anti-scale filter. This filter is in front of the pouring spout and filters limescale particles from the water when pouring it.
  • A viewing window that shows how much water is in the kettle is useful to refill to the correct amount and therefore no excessive water is used.
  • Choose a kettle that is equipped with a number of protections, such as a boil-dry protection, which ensures that the kettle switches off if there is no or too little water in the kettle. An automatic shut-off function ensures that the kettle switches off as soon as the water has reached a certain temperature. An indicator light indicates when the kettle is on and off.
  • A double-walled kettle is rare in the hospitality industry, but has the great advantage that the keeps it temperature and the kettle does not get hot on the outside.

Finally, you can choose from different plugs. In most cases we offer a EU plug, but with some products it is also possible to get it with a UK plug or we supply a special adapter, such as the CH-FIX adapter to make the kettle suitable for a Swiss outlet.

You can find our range of kettles here. Do you require additional advice? Please contact us, we are happy to assist you!

Hotel Supply Regards Rachella

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