The perfect housekeeping trolley for your hotel operation

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The perfect housekeeping trolley for your hotel operation

Housekeeping trolleys come in many shapes and sizes and for various purposes. In our range we have standard items that can be delivered the next working day, we also offer models that can be configured and personalized according to your wishes. Read on and gain insight into the possibilities.

  • Tip: try to map out what the trolley should serve in consultation with your housekeeping team. Should one only transport clean linen and clean the rooms or should the dirty linen and waste also be collected? Are there still separate bottles for the guest articles in the hotel rooms or does the housekeeping have a refill tank to bring? Also think of cleaning; do buckets have to be put on the cart? Once this is clear, a specific search can be made for the available space on the trolley and the options that need to be added.

Compact, flexible and discrete

For several years now, we have noticed an increase in the demand for smaller ones
trolleys that can be used for turn-down service, for example. These compact and manoeuvrable suitcase models make it possible to perform discreet housekeeping-related tasks. The trolley can easily be taken into the room, making service invisible to the guest.

The trolley has versatile compartments with sturdy partition walls. The partition walls are removable and movable to create the right space.


In addition to standard trolleys, there are also options to add individual options to the basic trolley as desired. We will work from a basis that is the starting point at all times. The base varies by model and can be selected according to one of the following criteria: dimensions, material and use.

  • Tip: take into account the storage space in your hotel where the trolleys are stored when not in use.

Based on the user’s wishes, you can choose from various options that can be added to the trolley. The most common option is a linen or garbage bag holder on one or both sides of the trolley. In many cases, a drawer with dividers or, for example, an extra shelf is also chosen. Of course, a choice can also be made regarding the appearance of the trolley.

  • Tip: choose suitable wheels. Often there are standard wheels under a trolley that are suitable for all floors, but more specific wheels are also available. Consider, for example, wheels for soft floors (carpet), hard floors or outdoor use.

Extra modules

It is also possible to use a housekeeping trolley in combination with, for example, a dirty linen trolley or cleaning module. The basis will then be the housekeeping trolley to which a module can be connected. This makes it possible to use what is needed for the respective work, but the elements can also be used independently of each other.


There are also trolleys that can be personalized with an image or other expression of your choice. The doors and sides of this trolley are made up as desired. The personalization is made by means of a digital print and, thanks to current technology, printed directly on the material. Choose a promotion, advertisement or decoration to make the trolley your own. It is a wonderful option to make the trolley part of your environment.

Let the trolley do the working

Loaded trolleys can be heavy for the operators who work with them, especially if the trolley is (too) high. As a result, it is often not possible to use the maximum loading capacity of the trolley. To use the trolley as efficiently as possible, the trolley can be motorized. With a rechargeable battery, up to 150 kg can be moved. The trolley remains as easy to operate as the traditional trolley, but without pushing. It provides less effort and more protection for the operator’s health.

Hopefully we have been able to inspire you through this blog and offer you handles with a view to the many possibilities when selecting your trolley. Are you looking and can you use help with putting it together? Please contact us via or 085-0210900 and of course we will gladly assist you.

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