Introduction from our hospitality experts

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Introduction from our hospitality experts

Welcome at the Hotel Supply blog, in this section our team will share knowledge and trends from the hospitality industry that may help you to find the right product in a jungle of possibilities.

Our team is here to help and we are delighted to assist you personally, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
You might be wondering how and where we have gathered the knowledge on which we base our advise, that is why the heads of our team; Rachella and Roos would like to introduce themselves. Scroll down to find out more and let’s get in touch!

Rachella Bosma

Hi! My name is Rachella and I am delighted to welcome you to our website! We may already know each other, but if not; please let me introduce myself and I cannot wait to get to know you too!
I grew up in the Haarlemmermeer and after a great time in high school I started to study Facility Management in Amsterdam. In my fourth year I immersed myself in the art of making hotels sustainable while writing my thesis on this subject.

After finishing my thesis I moved on to the operation and have been working at Hotel Supply since 2014. I have already gained a lot of experience and I am still learning everyday. Every hotel and every operation is different and we always work to find the best solution at the best price. Because of the diversity in our range of products and the many possibilities this is always a fun challenge! Your feedback is very valuable in this process, thanks to you know I am up-to-date on which products are essential and if there is anything we need to add or tweak in our current range of products.

I gain a lot of energy from using my experience and help you to create a wish list and guide you from the selection process towards implementing your new products into the hotel operation!

I am your go-to person to check the status of your order and ongoing projects; big or small. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I cannot wait to get to know you! You can reach me via: or by phone : +31 (0)85 0210 900.

Roos Westmeijer – Hoekstra

Hello! My name is Roos, there is a big chance that we have met in personal already, because I am the one who is mostly on the road visiting you and admiring your hotel/restaurant.

I was born and raised in Breda (Noord-Brabant) and knew I wanted to apply for Hotelschool The Hague ever since I can remember. After my high school graduation I started my studies in The Hague and enjoyed every single part of my education.
As a second year student I worked as a receptionist at the Radisson Blu Ambassador Hotel in Paris, France. During this internship and the Hotelschool curriculum I gained a lot of operational experience which I later on turned into strategic knowledge. In the last year of my studies I have worked for Starwood Hotels The Netherlands (now Marriott Hotels & Resorts The Netherlands) as Digital Marketing and PR trainee. This highly responsible and challenging internship landed me my first official hospitality job as Conference Sales Specialist at Hotel des Indes in The Hague directly after this internship. One year later I transferred to its sister hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam as Business Development Coordinator and contributed to the renovation and rebranding of this icon towards a stand-alone identity.

After several years I became curious for the other side of hospitality; the supplying side. This is when I got in contact with Hotel Supply and the dots connected. I get my energy from spending my time in hotels and sharing my operational experience to reach results that benefit the hotel and their teams.

I look forward to meeting you! Let’s get in touch:

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