Green Collection, sustainable hotel products

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Green Collection, sustainable hotel products

The climate is changing while the global temperature is rising, resulting in extreme weather conditions. The rise in temperature is because more and more greenhouse gases such as CO2 are released into the air. Scientists agree that humans are largely responsible for global warming. As a product designer and specialized supplier of hotel products, the Hotel Supply team finds it important to support the Hospitality industry in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business. We carefully select the brands offered, our manufacturers and the logistics partners. In the design and development of new articles, we take into account the impact on nature. We will continuously supplement our range of articles with products that contribute to the goal to be achieved by us. We are happy to advise you in the various choices you can make to achieve the goal together with us.


A sustainable choice can arise from various initiatives; for example, you can opt for a product that is made of sustainable material or, for example, products where something is done back for the environment when purchased. Other products support awareness and contribute to recycling, such as waste bins with different waste streams. Below you will find an overview of sustainable materials from which our products are made:

FSC certified wood

Wood from an FSC-certified forest has to meet a lot of standards. For example, in an FSC forest, many different aspects must be taken into account, including, for example: preservation of biodiversity, protection of waterways, safety of forest workers. FSC products can be recognized by the FSC claim on the invoice on the one hand and the FSC label on the end product on the other. Products with the FSC label in our range are, for example, clothes hangers and hospitality trays.


Wheatstraw is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Wheatstraw packaging is largely made from grain stalks that are left after wheat kernels are harvested. Previously this was considered waste and now it is used to make wheat straw products. In our range you will find an extensive range of guest articles with wheatstraw packaging and even toothbrushes made of this material.


Stonepaper or stone paper is a high-quality tree-free product. Stonepaper consists of 80% stone instead of tree fibers. Stonepaper is very practical to use thanks to its full water resistance and high tear resistance. At Hotel Supply you can opt for dry amenities such as sleeping masks, vanity kits and loofahs in stonepaper packaging, a climate-friendly choice!

Organic cotton

Cotton is an agricultural product and subject to external influences such as insects, to prevent this, regular cotton is injected with chemical pesticides. A process that is harmful to the cotton crop, the environment, cotton farmers and the local population. In addition, the chemicals deplete the soil more and more and pollute groundwater and air, unfortunately this makes cotton the most polluting agricultural product in the world, but this can be different. Organic cotton has been grown without the use of agricultural poisons as pesticides. To protect organic cotton crops, other insects are used to combat harmful insects. Pests are controlled by applying botanical plant extracts. In our collection you will find various textile products made of organic cotton such as; bath towels, bathrobes and slippers.


Recycled plastic

Products that give something back to the environment upon purchase In our range you will also find products that are made from HDPE or High Density Polyethylene that is made from recycled plastic. Recycled plastic is a product that can be produced as a result of waste separation, plastic is not biodegradable. When plastic is collected separately, it is sorted, pulverized and cleaned by specialist companies to eventually become plastic granulate that is used to produce different types of plastic. HDPE is very easy to recycle as a material, so products made from this material are completely circular. An example of a recycled plastic product is the BrickBin waste bin, which in turn contributes to the waste separation process.

Products that give something back to the environment when purchased

An icon in the field of hotel products is the luggage rack, an item that only gets better when you realize that when you buy 3 luggage racks from the Green Collection, a tree is planned by In this way we complete the impact circle of this beautiful product. Trees are the natural solution to rising temperatures thanks to their ability to extract carbon dioxide from the air. replanted and protected more than 5 million trees in 2019.

Sustainable choices

When selecting our electronic equipment, we always pay attention to the energy labels and the general consumption of the product, in which we select the best option. You can contribute even further to this by, for example, choosing a 0.5 liter kettle instead of a kettle with 1 liter capacity. In most cases, guests fill the kettle to the maximum amount, while filling no more than two mugs. The consumption when heating 0.5L water is of course lower, and unnecessary water does not have to be thrown away afterwards.

Another sustainable alternative is to provide your hotel with recycle bins; In this way you create awareness among your guests and you can easily sort the waste produced for recycling and reuse by your waste processor. New materials can be produced from this, such as plastic, a circular process. Another great initiative is the installation of “Save our planet” information signs in your bathroom. This makes the guest aware of the reuse of the bath textiles, which minimizes the amount of linen that needs to be washed and thus water and electricity consumption.

Minimalising plastic use

Government agencies have been banning single-use plastic from our society for years, including hotels. Many chains have already replaced the use of individual guest items in plastic bottles by using larger pump bottles with shampoo, shower gel and other care products. The same applies to the elimination of plastic straws, there is also a sustainable alternative for plastic laundry bags, namely reusable cloth laundry bags.

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and so is a climate-friendly solution for the hotel industry. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities to make your hotel more environmentally friendly. We are curious; what measures are you taking? Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about sustainability in hotels and restaurants, we will be happy to talk to you.

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