Luggage trolley


Opvouwbare bagagetrolley verkrijgbaar in het zilver en goud met tapijt in blauw of rood. 

Afmetingen: 573(w) x 1052(d) x 1160(h) mm 
Diameter wielen: Ø 300 mm
Draagvermogen: 150 kg
Gewicht: 30 kg 


Luggage trolley with curved lines, soft and silent wheels of large diameter and a foldable suitcase platform. The rolley is available in stainless steel tubing (ideal for outdoor use) and brass tubing. Carpet in blue, red and black.

Dimensions: 573(w) x 1052(d) x 1160(h) mm 
Diameter wheels: Ø 300 mm
Maximum load capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 30 kg 

Item number: HS030131

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Weight 35 kg