Our advisory role does not stop at hotel items, over the years we have built up a network of experts who are happy to think along with you about the other facets of your hospitality company, we are happy to put you in touch with our partners. Hotel Supply offers you full assistance for your projects, read more about the possibilities below.

FOUR LEAVES – bedlinnen

Four Leaves offers honest bed linen, towels and more. All of the highest quality, Hotel Supply is the exclusive supplier of Four Leaves for the hospitality industry. Fresh, comfortable, custom fabrics made from 100% organic cotton. Designed with great attention to small details; for the guest to relax, unwind and play.

Four Leaves stands for fair play. They provide children’s homes with a sleeping bag for every duvet cover set sold. They donate a towel for each set of towels and a handmade chess game includes funding for a school year. This social impact starts in Sri Lanka, the homeland of founder Shiran Gort. We are happy to advise you on implementing Four Leaves bedding in your accommodation, please contact us:

WELLMARK – guest amenities and lifestyle products
Wellmark produces beautiful lifestyle products from body care to interior products such as scented candles, diffusers and room sprays. In addition to body care, they also produce bath products and cleaning products. Wellmark purchases all raw materials itself and has it produced locally by people with a distance to the labor market. All products are made by hand and the raw materials are selected and composed with great care. All Wellmark ingredients are vegan, do not contain SLES and parabens and the candles are made from soy wax. The products are packaged in glass bottles, which not only looks chic, but also reduces plastic consumption. In addition, all items are refillable and reusable and are packed in recycled packaging material. The atmosphere makers are leading in every hotel lobby with scents such as ‘smells like home’ and ‘light my fire’.

Lind DNA – tableware

Hotel Supply International is the exclusive hotel partner of the Danish design brand Lind DNA. Lind DNA is known for their products that are made from 100% recycled leather, original waste from the furniture and clothing industry.

Lind DNA’s products range from beautiful table mats for restaurants and conference rooms, luxury coasters, bill presenters, flower vases with leather covers, do not disturb door hangers and practical side tables with leather-trimmed tabletops. The products are very versatile and the possibilities to personalize these products are endless. Most of the Lind DNA collection is available in over 20 colors and textures and can be personalized with a logo, text or print. We are happy to tell you more about all the possibilities, please contact us:

GFL COSMETICS – guest amenities

GFL Cosmetics specializes in creating and developing personal care products through innovation and the latest technology. GFL Cosmetics does this with selected formulas made from the best natural and certified organic ingredients to meet the demands of different types of consumers. The company has been around since 1995 and was founded in Milan, the company was the first with a patented soap wall holder.

GFL is a forerunner in the transition to a circular economy and sustainable development focused on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. GFL produces premium hotel guest items, including brands such as; Lanvin, LAFCO, Memo Paris, Neutra and Galimard.

INTERIOR CONSULT – interior design

Interior Consult is the interior specialist for new construction, renovation and furnishing of business and private projects. Thanks to years of experience in the field of national and international interior projects, they know better than anyone how to approach a project and they offer support with local advice and project management. From the first sketches to turn-key realization, Interior Consult is the full range partner.

The many years of accumulated expertise, their co-creativity and international experience are the basis of the exclusive and well-considered interior designs. In 2019, Interior Consult, together with various partners, delivered the 650-room nhow Amsterdam RAI, a wonderful example of the different roles that Interior Consult can take on. For more information and reference projects visit the website

HAIL EUROPE – guest amenities

Hail Europe is an innovative and leading international supplier of guest articles for the hotel industry, among others. With a very wide range, they fit into every hotel and every budget.

In addition to being a certified supplier of brands such as Scapa Home, Byredo and Le Labo, Hail Europe specializes in the development of its own care products and together we can produce completely personalized articles for your hotel. This is possible from 5,000 pieces per item type, the same options are available for bath slippers or bathrobes with a logo or specific text. In addition, there are possibilities for the general design of your own guest articles, for which higher minimum numbers apply, we are happy to tell you all about the possibilities.